Hairmax 82

Hairmax 82


Hairmax® LaserBand 82 ComfortFlex stimulates hair growth faster and easier than ever before. The new flexible band design features 82 medical-grade lasers, soft-touch patented hair parting teeth, and fast treatment time.

Fast 90 Sec. Treatment. ComfortFlex Design

The LaserBand 82 ComfortFlex delivers therapeutic light energy to your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles, reverses thinning, increase density & fullness, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and promote fuller, healthier hair growth.

The new flexible band design incorporates 82 medical grade lasers, providing the equivalent of 246 total laser coverage when moved over 3 areas of your scalp, The exclusive soft touch teeth part your hair during treatment and maximize laser light delivery to your follicles. Working in unison, the hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity and laser light density provide a highly effective treatment. Without hair parting teeth, the hair can block the majority of the laser light energy from reaching the follicles.

The LaserBand 82 ComfortFlex is lightweight, comfortable, portable and convenient for home use or while traveling. No heavy battery packs to carry around.


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